PPI Sharing Actions in the Holy Month of Ramadan


Surabaya (02/6) -  PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia held a breaking the fast together to welcome the 2017 Ramadhan. The event held on Friday (02/6) at Surabaya North Quay was attended by the President Director of PPI Kokok Susanto and all employees of PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia.

In his remarks, the President Director of PPI, Kokok Susanto explained about fasting which is a place for every Muslim to control their desires. The holy month of Ramadan is the right moment for introspection while at the same time seeking calm and togetherness with others. "For this reason, we are expected to become a better person after undergoing fasting in Ramadan because it has been forged for a whole month in controlling the passions so that we become pious individuals," he added.

Meanwhile, Director of PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia, Dono Purwoko said in his remarks that the breaking the fast together activity was a routine agenda carried out by PPI as one of the activities in spiritual guidance and environmental development. The moment to open together is of course not just just an open together activity, but also as a venue for friendship. "Hopefully this activity can be used as a form of worship activities that will increase faith and devotion, which in the end we will get compensation in the form of reward," he continued.

The event also invited children from the Institute of Infaq Management (LMI) Surabaya who were symbolically given by the President Director in the form of gifts of school supplies and money.

"Hopefully our good intentions through today's event are blessed by Allah SWT and hopefully PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia in the future can spread more good for the environment and surrounding communities," Kokok said closing his remarks.