About Us

PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia, a leading maritime property developer company in Indonesia. As subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia which engaged in infrastructure developer business inaugurated on December 2014, we have an important role to be able to develop the property business potential in Indonesia especially in area with prospective maritime tourism.

Through our extensive experience, we offer excellence in property management and investment management. Our success in developing and managing various property projects such as recreational facilities, commercial area, MICE, marine berthing service and so on, is a manifestation of our commitment to grow into the leading company of your choice.

Our excellence as a leading maritime property developer, has delivered us as a professional and trusted company. Supported by a solid and competent team, we are able to present the best performance and excellence to achieve common goals.


  • As a Leading Maritime Property Developer.


  1. Have a competitive advantages in Development property maritime business based on sustainable innovation and creativity.

  2. Creating added value of existing property.

  3. Professional maritime property developer.

  4. Develop property business based on environment.

  5. Growth by creating added value for stakeholders.

A Brief of PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia

PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia established by the Deed no. 5 dated December 5th, 2014 made before Notary Yahya Abdullah Waber, SH ehich has been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights No. AHU – 39434.40.10.2014 dated December 12, 2014 on Approval of Establishment of Legal Entity Limited Liability Indonesia and PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia has undergone a change, most recently by Deed Yahya Abdullah Waber, SH, No. 1 dated July 1st, 2015 on the Statement of General Meeting of Stakeholders of Extraordinary PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia as it has been received and recorded in accordance Letter from the Minister f Law and Human Rights No. AHU – AH.01.03-0950446 dated July 10, 2015 Notification of Acceptance of Change.

Board of Commisioners and Board of Directors