The Excitement of Camping in Marina Banyuwangi Boom Camping Ground

Not everyone has experienced outdoor camping. In fact, camping outdoors is very fun. In fact, during the last few years, camping in the open such as in the forest, mountains and beaches is very busy being discussed and become one of the activities that must be tried for adventurers.

What does it feel like to spend the night outdoors? Aren't you cold, invaded by mosquitoes and made troublesome during bowel movements? Yes, only those who have a true adventurous spirit can feel the sensation and answer that question. But, for those who are interested in getting the experience, why not try directly the sensation of camping outdoors, while enjoying the beautiful panorama of Indonesia? Not a few camping places in Indonesia that offer a pleasant feel with super beautiful scenery, which is guaranteed to add to the experience to explore the outdoors. From beaches, mountain slopes, waterfalls to beautiful hilly landscapes, everything can be a perfect camping spot in Indonesia.

Camping is an exciting activity, especially when done together with family, close friends, or coworkers. These activities are trusted or cannot increase intimacy. To that end, Boom Marina Beach in Banyuwangi provides an exciting camping ground service but with facilities like a five-star hotel. How can camp in the natural world but with star hotel facilities? Certainly can. Equipped with facilities that are "more" than a tent, you must try to pull the sensation of camping this one. Moreover, if you are bored with various school activities or jobs but want to do refreshing like camping, you don't need to bother. You don't need to buy a tent, prepare camping gear, and other complicated things. You just need to rent a camping ground at Boom Marina Beach.

Now @boommarinabwi offers Camping Ground tours with a different atmosphere than others. Located on an area of ​​2,700 m2 with 18 tents with a capacity of 2-3 people and supporting facilities such as playgrounds, campfire areas, mosholla, toilets and bathrooms. It feels incomplete if you have never camped here, because now there is a "Camping Ground" spot with a sunset view on the waterfront, which of course can be for fun with your friends.
Various packages are available for events:

You don't need to worry about the costs, just pay include IDR 200,000, - / tent (max 4 people), you already get various kinds of facilities such as: Tents, Mattresses, Sleeping bags, Camp fire, Musholla, Toilet. For this big event we also provide outbound packages, lo. Exciting isn't it? .. Let's camp at Boom Marina Banyuwangi, guaranteed you will definitely want to come back.