In order to continue and develop, all educational institutions are required to provide an interesting educational presentation but remain focused in providing knowledge to their students. So do not be surprised if the teaching and learning process now comes in various forms. One new form of teaching and learning that is becoming a trend now is learning outside the classroom. It should be noted that more and more school institutions are aware that the learning process does not have to always be in the classroom. One of them can use the Educational Tourism method or better known as the study tour because as we know that students of a school institution are children to teens who love to play or travel. Because the name is Educational Tourism, not only playing or traveling is given, but also offset by education in the form of new knowledge.

Now, to make it more exciting when studying, one of the highly recommended Educational Tourism spots in Surabaya is Surabaya North Quay. Keep in mind, it turns out that in Surabaya North Quay students are not just playing and learning. Many interesting activities that can be enjoyed during educational trips. Surabaya North Quay acknowledged that it is not uncommon for many students to be bored and unable to absorb the entire contents of the book, but going into the field will make it easier for them to learn. Educational Tourism in Surabaya North Quay also provides a different experience that cannot be provided in class, namely learning by enjoying the beautiful views of the sea, ships, and others that can be seen through the harbor.

To be able to enjoy this very interesting Educational Tour, Surabaya North Quay provides facilities for educational institutions from kindergarten to elementary school with 3 optional packages. Starting from the price of Rp. 25,000 / pax up to Rp. 40,000 / pax, students can feel how exciting Education Tourism with the port system is and get to know more about various types of ships. C'mon, immediately register Educational Acts in Surabaya North Quay! For registration and further information, please contact via email snq.barunawati@pelindoproperti.co.id.