Peek Three Luxury Genting Dream Cruise Ships in Surabaya North Quay

Surabaya (27/09) - Remember the ship that named Titanic? The luxury ship was made into a film by James Cameron and his film crew because it has an epic, romantic, but tragic ending. This legendary film won 11 nominations at the 1998 Academy Awards and was also named the best-selling film of all time for 12 years after the film was released. The splendor of the Titanic was indeed successful in making many people amazed. However, that was then. Because it sank after crashing into a large ice rock as told through the Titanic film, the splendor of the Titanic Ship can only be seen from photographs or can only be imagined through the film. However, don't worry netizens. You can feel the luxury of the Titanic with other luxury yachts. One of them is the Genting Dream Cruise Ship.

Genting Dream Cruise is the first cruise ship operated by Dream Cruises, a subsidiary of the cruise ship operator Genting Criise Line. How is the luxury? How big compared to the Titanic? Come on, see the 3 facts you should know from the luxury of the Genting Dream Ship.

Has 19 Floors
Genting Dream is a very luxurious cruise ship. This cruise ship has a length of 335 meters and weighs around 151,000 tons. This ship is equipped with 1,674 cabins on 19 floors so it can accommodate more than 4,000 passengers. Naturally, if this cruise ship is the largest ship in the Asia Pacific.

Has Many Entertainment Centers
As a luxury cruise ship, Genting Dream spoiled its passengers by providing many entertainment options. There, passengers can watch stunning art performances such as China's Got Talent - The Dream Experience show for up to 45 minutes. For those who like dance shows, Genting Dream has a Ballroom Dance Show that features dancers from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain and Slovenia.

35 Restaurants Onboard
Because it passes through various countries, Genting Dream offers international class service standards. In it, passengers have 35 choices of luxury restaurants. 35 restaurants on this cruise ship serve a variety of menus that vary from Chinese, Western, Japanese cuisine to Malay cuisine. For those of you who are Muslim, don't worry. At Genting Dream, there are also many halal menus available.

How? Can you imagine the luxury of Genting Dream Cruise? It seems that imagining is not enough, yes. You can see the splendor of this one cruise ship. However, not just any place netizens. You can visit Surabaya North Quay to see this luxury ship rests. To see the schedule, keep abreast of mairitm travel information on Instagram @sbynorthquay.