3 Reasons You Must Visit Surabaya North Quay

Surabaya (23/09) - Visiting tourist attractions is believed to drive away feelings of sadness, anger, fatigue with all activities throughout the day, even to provide peace. However, before visiting tourist attractions, you need to do a survey first so that your vacation does not fail. What tourist attractions should be tried to visit? Is it quiet? Or the cheap one? Or like what? To answer all of these questions, you need to visit the Surabaya North Quay tourist destination. Yes, this tourist attraction is quite unique because it is packaged with an exclusive concept but can be reached by all people because you don't need to spend a lot of money to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset and also the cruise ship that rests. Not enough of that, you will get other benefits that can attract the interest of many visitors. What is Surabaya North Quay like? Why is it really necessary to visit? C'mon, listen carefully 3 reasons why you should visit Surabaya North Quay!

Cheap tourist attractions
Cool tourism is not just a tourist that spends money, like in Surabaya North Quay. Visitors only need to spend IDR 10,000 which can be used as a discount of IDR 4,000 to purchase food or drinks. So visitors can enjoy an exclusive view with a relatively safe cost on the wallet.

Different atmosphere of Live Music
For visitors who like to hang out on Sunday, Surabaya North Quay can be a cool place because it presents live music from local bands in Surabaya. Surely this live music will be a different atmosphere in Surabaya North Quay because you can listen to Live Music at once accompanied by views of the sea in Surabaya

The only tourist spot visited by cruises in Surabaya
In Surabaya North Quay, besides being able to see passing passengers' ships carrying passengers from and to the island of Madura or other regions throughout Indonesia. And also the beauty of the blue sea view on the north coast of Java, visitors can also see the splendor of the cruise ship leaning on the harbor more closely. Although not every day, but when the cruise ship wants to lean here the Surabaya North Quay team will always inform if there is a cruise ship that rests. So, don't forget to follow the latest info on your Instagram account @sbynorthquay.