Surabaya North Quay: The Enchantment of Golden Hour in Surabaya

Surabaya (09/20) - Twilight fascination is indeed becoming a trend in today's society, especially young people. For them, the beauty of the sunset becomes the right moment to be enjoyed hanging out with friends or family.

The relaxed atmosphere of the evening and the warm golden hour in the afternoon is also considered to be the right moment to unwind after a day of activities. Then, where is the right place to buy it all? Surabaya North Quay can be used as the right choice to enjoy the charm of "Golden Hour" which is very enticing visitors. Well, that's the term sunset or the time where the sun begins to set which is now being talked about on social media, especially young people.

Golden hour is a targeted time for photographers or social media users like Instagram to meet their social media content needs. Golden hour moments provide a minimalist concept as well as aesthetic and warm colors which are very interesting and of course instagrammable. Therefore, not a few of those who hunt photos when the golden hour arrives. Because good golden hour moments are hard to find. Interestingly, the maritime tourist destination that presents the perfect golden hour also spoil visitors with the atmosphere of the pier that leads to the sea. Perfect right? What are you waiting for, visit Surabaya North Quay and enjoy the perfect Golden Hour with ease.