Breaking the Fast Together with Orphans and Dhuafa

Surabaya (24/5) - Breaking fast with orphans and the underprivileged is a routine agenda held by PT. Pelindo Properti Indonesia (PPI) as part of the Pelindo III Group which is held during the month of Ramadan. Besides being a perfect moment to share, it also aims to strengthen the relationship. With the theme "Grateful for the Favor of Allah SWT", the breaking of the fast was attended by around 50 orphans and the underprivileged and the management of the Infaq Management Institute (LMI) in Surabaya.

This breaking fast event was held at Surabaya North Quay on the 3rd floor of the Gapura Surya Nusantara Terminal, Tanjung Perak Harbor, Surabaya. Attended by the Directors of Pelindo III Group and GM Tanjung Perak along with structural officials within PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero), it was a simple but without reducing the sincerity of sharing.

"In accordance with QS Ibrahim verse 7, that when we are grateful our favors will increase," explained Prasetyo, CEO of PT. Pelindo Properti Indonesia when giving a speech at the beginning of the event. Invite Ustadz Khozin Muztafids Mag. which gives tausiyah about the importance of the meaning of being grateful, because humans basically always want something more and feel that it is never enough, then with gratitude we will feel life becomes more beautiful.

This time Tausiyah was delivered attractively, interspersed with a few games and jokes with the aim to make children listen to the tausiyah delivered enthusiastically and not feel bored. After the speech and tausiyah, the program continued with breaking the fast together and evening prayer in congregation.

In addition to breaking the fast with orphans and the underprivileged, similar events also take place at other PPI branches, such as in Banyuwangi which conducts social activities such as medication, haircuts, and distribution of groceries which are entirely free. "Hopefully, with frequent activities like this PPI can be more successful and victorious," concluded Ustadz Khozin as he ended the opening ceremony together with the chanting of prayer.


About Pelindo Properti Indonesia:

Pelindo Properti Indonesia is a Pelindo III business line that is engaged in infrastructure as a property business developer. Pelindo Properti Indonesia has a vision to become A Leading Maritime Property Developer. Inaugurated on December 31, 2014, Pelindo Properti Indonesia aims to develop the potential of the property business, especially in unexplored regions, despite the potential for prospective maritime tourism.

By optimizing property investment in the port area, Pelindo Properti Indonesia has changed the face of ports in Indonesia into exotic and exclusive tourist areas and international standards.

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PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia (PPI) held an iftar event with orphans and poor people.