Surabaya (20/5) - Still in the context of Ramadan, PT. Pelindo Properti Indonesia, which is one of Pelindo III's business affiliations in collaboration with Reblood and the Indonesian Red Cross, is organizing free blood donation activities as a form of health care while doing charity. "This holy month we must compete to seek charity, therefore let us do charity by donating blood, in addition to being healthy also rewarding" explained Prasetyo as CEO of PT. Pelindo Properti Indonesia.

The availability of blood stock is very important especially for those who need blood for transfusion, such as accident patients or surgery. Limited blood stock is what makes it difficult for those who need to get blood.

There are several things that make blood limitations at this time, partly due to the low interest of someone to make a blood donor, especially in the month of Ramadan because most people choose not to donate blood with various reasons, for example, for example, fear of canceling canceled fasting because it will weaken without power.

But if judging from the health side the right time to donate blood is when fasting because during fasting the body experiences weight control, blood cholesterol control, uric acid levels, blood sugar and control of various diseases related to stress and detoxification factors (disposal poison in the body.

This free blood donation activity lasted for two days from June 16 to June 17, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. 21:00 in Surabaya North Quay. "Surabaya is the most donor at the moment, and to coincide with the Surabaya North Quay Ramadhan Fest event, I hope to meet the target of 7230 blood bags needed by Reblood and PMI," concluded Ari as the Content Lead Reblood.