Ground Breaking Pelindo Place Office Center

Surabaya (13/10) - Today Pelindo III together with its subsidiary PT Pelindo Properti Indonesia (PPI) held the Pelindo Place Groundbreaking Ceremony Office Center with  "Beyond Building to Reach Dream of the Future" theme that located on Jalan Tanjung Perak Timur, Surabaya.

The ceremony was marked by pressing the siren button followed by the laying of the first stone of the construction of the Pelindo Place Office Center. The symbolic event was conducted by Pelindo III CEO, Ari Askhara; Pelindo III's Commercial and Operational Director, Mohammad Iqbal as well as the PPI President Commissioner; PPI President Director, Kokok Susanto; and GM of Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya, Joko Noerhudha, as a sign that construction has begun. Also present were Pelindo III's board of directors, commissioners and Tanjung Perak Port stakeholders.

In his remarks Pelindo III CEO Ari Askhara revealed that port infrastructure development was a serious concern to support the smooth running of business intended for port service users around Tanjung Perak.

"As part of the company's commitment to continuously improve the level of service to stakeholders, Pelindo III has designed and built classy facilities to be used maximally. With the hope that this development can further facilitate port activities, "Ari added.

The Pelindo Place was built with a modern and elegant design concept. More specifically, Faruq Hidayat as Corporate Secretary of Pelindo III, explained that this building was built in an area of ​​± 1.1 Ha with an area of ​​± 60 thousand m2, consisting of 23 floors and a height of 121 m.

The construction of the 23-storey building is expected to be completed until 2020. This new office building is equipped with lifestyle commercial area facilities. Designed with the concept of energy saving and the best quality so that it presents a workplace that is representative and has complete business support facilities.

"With the strength of Pelindo III's image, we hope that the construction of this Office Center will become a new icon that can meet the needs of the Surabaya urban community, especially in the Tanjung Perak area," said Faruq Hidayat

"The existence of Pelindo Place Office Tower is expected to be the first step in smooth business, because later this office building is not only intended for Pelindo III, but also all subsidiaries, affiliates and port service users. Therefore, the benefits of building construction will be increasingly felt, "concluded Ari at the end of his speech.